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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

A reporter, videographer and color commentator walk in to a podcast

"What would you think about starting a podcast?"

That was basically how it went between Fred and me over breakfast in St. Paul. A simple question and an even answer answer from myself: "sure, why not."

Fred and I met while he was working as the Wild videographer and I in my same role as now with the NHL. We'd chat in the pressbox during intermissions and comment on the plays in the games -- which always ended in overtime.

Apparently it was enough that he thought my thoughts worthy of podcast airwaves. He had the capabilities to produce so I said, as mentioned, "sure, why not." I mean, it could be fun.

My one stipulation: I needed someone to co-host. I love to talk, don't get me wrong, and I knew I could help us secure guests, but I still wanted a counterpart. Someone else to bring a little extra vibe.

Literally the next morning I was listening to KFAN and a voice came across that sounded vaguely familiar from the Wild pressbox: Enter Alexis.

I texted Fred who had been listening that morning as well and we agreed she could be the missing link. Only slight problem (though not really in today's social and easy networking world) was that neither of us exactly knew her. Like at all.

Luckily, mutual buddy Kevin Gorg did. He set us up via text, Alexis and I went to lunch at Chiptole and she too said, "sure, why not."

"Want to start a podcast?"
“Sure, why not.”

Fast forward to three Amazon orders of mics, stands, a sound board, an immediate presenting sponsor offer in and Fred's kitchen table, we were off and running. Since then we're two seasons and nearly 80 eps in -- despite a pandemic and shutdown threatening to cancel us -- and honestly, it's the best "sure" any of us have ever said.

We love that we continue to grow bigger and better

We're a frequent voice in Russia and Europe according to our downloads and Russian fan engagement; we've added several new sponsors, found a home on TalkNorth and continue to grow our brand and get comfortable in our podcast focus which has always been and remains: a new voice in hockey.

Thank you to those who hopped on at episode 1, and a big welcome to those who came in at episode 51. We adore you all.

So that's it. That's how we started a podcast. Here's to many more episodes and stories to come.

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