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What does is it mean to go 'bardown'?

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

A breakdown of our title term for rooks

Bardown Beauties is more than just an alliteration, it's a lifestyle if you will. Taking two of the most infamous hockey slang terms and combining them into a growing podcast name, we find that as our audience grows, so do the questions about the title. So, let's break it down word for word shall we?

Bar down / bar - down (adj.): When the puck hits the crossbar and goes down into the net. Also called ‘bar south’.

You want to see a goal that is, as we call it, a real beauty? Check out when a player goes bar down on the goalie -- i.e. using the crossbar as an assist to bounce down and over the line either by centimeters or inches. Check out some of the video samples below


Beauty/Beautician (noun): A player who is loved not only for their skills, but for their personality. He/She is one of the coolest people on the team and usually has great stories. He/She might also have the best flow on the team.

I mean, the 'beauties' portion is pretty simple, especially as it relates to us being females. It's one of the best hockey terms around, and we don't think we are any slouches in the personality and flow department (skills TBD).

So that's it. That's Bardown Beauties.

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