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Another hockey podcast in Minnesota....

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

But we're different, we swear

Alright State of Hockey, we know you have nearly 10,000 options for hockey podcasts in this puck-loving state. And while we admire and appreciate the variety of folks willing to breakdown, analyze and talk about the game, we wanted to write and ensure you that we are just a tad bit different. OK, we like to think a lot different -- in a good way.

No, not just because we're women either (though, duh, that is a large difference in our presence in this space).

“Let's give the ladies a voice in a male dominated space.”

So what makes Bardown Beauties different?

For us it's just as much about the x's and o's of the game -- focused primarily on the Minnesota Wild with dabbles in the Minnesota Whitecaps and other grassroots, high school and college relevant discussions, too -- as it is about the guests who help bring us life.

We've been fortunate to network and meet some phenomenal coaches, players, Olympians, officials, media members and fans of the game that help bring it all together in our segment 2. Want to know how much Jamie Hersch misses Minnesota? She told us to kick off both Seasons 1 and 2. How about Marcus Foligno nearly missing a Game 7 as a kid or Charlie Coyle losing his Bostonian accent while living in Minnesota. They recount those types of off-ice stories as well as their current status of play. Plus we never get tired listening to tales from guys like Andrew Brunette, Doc Emrick and Bruce Boudreau, and females like Tara Sloane, Linda Cohn or Natalie Darwitz.

Sorry, we'll pick up those names we just dropped (but be sure to check out our full episode list to see the many others). But not only do our guests set us apart, it's the dynamic that we so proudly bring that we like to think really makes us unique.

Jessi, host: A bit cynical after decades of watching Minnesota teams fail -- and as she works to be an unbiased reporter, witnessing round 1 after round 1 exit with the Wild. She comes in with the heavy sarcasm, trying to find optimism until forced to reveal the stats, facts and numbers that bring her back down to earth once again.

Alexis, host: The positive ying to Jessi's sometimes negative yang, Alexis gets the people going. Full of energy and spark, her pickle predicts can be off the rails, but as she likes to proudly admit, she prefers chaos over logic. If you're a Wild fan, you know exactly how Alexis feels and how each season you eagerly await to claim they are "on their way to a deep playoff run" once again -- even when the Jessi's in your life remind you they're probably not.

Fred, producer: Fred likes to chime in and stir the pot. And frankly, the show is better for it when he does. A former St. Louisian, the ladies try to keep him muted so he can't remind us that the Blues recently held a Cup parade.

So, to recap, it's that dynamic that makes Bardown Beauties a really fun listen. We hope you enjoy!

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