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#86 - On the course with Kaprizov Watch

Fore! We’re out supporting the Craig Felton Memorial Golf Tournament at Emerald Greens this week. To help us honor Mr. Felton, a former South St. Paul teacher and golf coach who lost his fight with cancer in 2017, Packer alum, Alex Stalock and brother of Craig, Tim Felton will be joining us-- the full Alex Stalock interview can be found on on our YouTube channel (which you should be subscribed to).

Did somebody say four or out Craig

Felton Memorial golf tournament

at Emerald greens this week.

And to help us honor, Mr.

Felton, a former south St.

Paul teacher and golf coach who lost

his fight with cancer in 2017 packer

alum, Alex Stalock and brother of Craig.

Tim Felton will be joining us.

That full interview with Alex can be

found on our YouTube channel, which

you should already be subscribed to

and give a rating to as we continue

to grow and help our sponsors.

Because as always, all of this

episode, Is presented by soda stick

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This is episode 86.

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Hello everybody.

We're back episode 86.

I'm Jessi Pierce.

That's Alexis Pearson off the camera.

Fred Veinfurt who is a mastery

in the soundboard trying

to master the soundboard.

We're going to, we're just

going to toss it out there.

Fred, we're going to fire you even

while you're on the show, because we

had a little glitch in audio with Mr.

Alex Stalock, who I'm sure you guys were

all very excited to see, which was not

Fred's fault, but we have to blame.

So we're going to blame Fred.

If it wasn't for me, this board

wouldn't even be plugged in.

So just saying that's true,

but it would have been the same

recording with Alex as we have now.

So, um, no, we do have

a great video with Alex.

He will be a part of this episode,

not a part of our audio, just because

we have high standards for ourselves.

In the, uh, in the podcast, I don't

have standards outside of the pocket.

As the Russians have noted, we

have to live up to so go to our

YouTube channel, check that out.

Some really a lot of fun with Alex,

um, talking about Craig Felton and

what he remembers him as a teacher,

because that's where we're out here.

Alexis has a personal connection

with the Feltons as well.

If you want to tell folks a little bit.


Yeah, we, uh, we do talk about it a bit

with Tim Felton who joins us for the

interview segment, uh, in just a bit.

Um, but yeah, Craig Felton

was my dad's best friend.

Our families grew up together.

Um, one of his daughters is my

age and he has a younger daughter.

Who's my sister's age.

Um, so I've known his family,

um, for my whole life.

My dad and him worked at a grocery store

together when they were younger and

that's how they met and the rest of his.

So, um, obviously it was a tough year

and it had been tough ever since when my,

when we lost Craig, um, had a battle with

cancer and, um, we have found a way to

honor him now with this golf tournament

that we've been doing for a few years,

which has been great every single year.

I think I've been to all of

them, uh, one way or another.

Um, but this year they invited us out,

uh, the Bardon Beauties podcast to come

record a show out here, which we always

say we're so humbled and honored.

Anytime anyone wants us

where we're like really.

Okay, thanks.

And then we'll we love

being out on the go.

On a beautiful day too.

Can't complain about a day like this.

So nice to see, uh, some friends

and family, a lot of faces

I haven't seen in a while.

Uh, partly because of the

pandemic, partly because I just

haven't seen him in a while.

Um, but a lot of smiles today

and nice to see a lot of people,

uh, who mean a lot to me.

So, uh, thank you to everybody

who is listening to this episode.

That means a lot to me as well.

Um, and thank you to Fred and Jesse

for coming out on this day, too.

Thanks for having us.

We absolutely love it.

And again, thanks to Ms.

earlier joining us one more

reminder, go to YouTube.

He is a part of this I

prescribe while you're there.

Dammit, subscribe.

Just do it comment.

Tell us what you like.

Um, we've got hockey to talk about because

we're a hockey podcast and why not?

Ready, Fred again, this is where

you need to add in the Kaprizov.

Watch he didn't add it last time, by the way.

I didn't see it.

No, he didn't.

I said, oh, I know.

I know you're going to

do it this time though.

Maybe I can try to do it for you.


Watch doesn't want any

extra one Kaprizov


How many times can you

make them have to do it?

Just going to make Fred's

life, a living hell.

In this episode, episode today times I

am going to do it and you're like, whoa.

So aggressive face.

It's going to be so great.

I'm so excited.

Can you do the thing where you

like zoom in and the head spins?

Yeah, that's what I want to see

explosions in the background because.

Twitter world was on fire this week.

Um, you know, I did my vibe check after

news dropped that there is a potential

deal in place for Kirill to sign,

um, a one-year contract in Russia.

Uh, that season would

start on September one.

I love what you said.

That's so slow.

Still trying to process, still

trying to figure this out too.

Like it's, I'm convinced it

is just a, it's a tactic.

It's literally the only

negotiating tactic that they have

right now that curls camp has.

And I, I don't believe it to be anything

the wild fans need to worry about.

I mean, the, the only concern is how

far away bill Guerin and Kirill remain

as far as settling in a contract.

I, but I knew it was going to take

awhile for them to come to an agreement.


Hurries it up a little bit, I

believe because he has to decide

by September one, if he is in fact

going to stay in the KHL and do that.

Um, otherwise he hasn't told the

summer first to decide whether he

wants to sign with the wild or if

he's going to set out the year.

So Alexis.


Um, also the, the article that

came out about it, first of

all, Frank Seravalli , Seravalli , since whatever his name.

It needs to stop ruining everybody's day.

I literally just be like enjoying

my day and here comes Frank

with some bombshell on Twitter.

I'm like, why do you

always have to do this?

Like, can't you just let us live?

I was at the beauty league when

it happened and I had people like

come over to me and like Jessi

and I'm like, I know I saw it.

I know.

I don't know.

I don't have any head DMs.

Like, can you explain this?

I'm like, do I look like his agent?

First of all?

No, I can't explain it.

But in the article, it said that like,

um, Guerin hasn't reached out to CR or

hasn't given him an offer since April.

Is that true?

Because if that's true, that's,

that's kind of ridiculous.

And if it's not true, that's kind of

ridiculous that you're saying that.

So I don't dunno.

The whole thing was stressful.

I think a lot of people took it as like,

oh my God, he's going back to the cage.

I was like, no, if he doesn't

sign here, this is what his

offer is going to be there.


Get a move on it.

We're all sick of waiting.

Um, I know Erin, the person who runs

the wilds, Twitter is on vacay this

week seems like prime time to make

something happen because stuff always

happens when you're least expecting it.

So to Nashville.

We miss you shout out to like,

Russo, did you actually listen

to his podcast this past weekend?

I heard snippets of it.

I mean, it's just interesting how

he, the agent for kirill is trying to

play off Russo to get to the Wild.

It's the whole thing is like Russo

admitted that he reached out to him.

He's like, look, we need the

wild to think that this is a

real offer for our negotiations.

Like I'm not doing that.

I'm not an intermediary

between you and the team.

So the media that K, so

Frank for instance, gets to

be used as that pawn instead.

I mean, congrats, Frankie

got played, each team in the KHL has a

$14 million cap.

So if you guys missed it and they're

paying, they would pay an eight figure

salary, which would be 10 million or more.

So, I mean, it is it's, it's a

tactic and Hey, more power to them.

I think the also other kinds of.

Thing that might hurt is how are

fans viewing Kirill Kaprizov now,

all of this, which they shoot out.

Like it's not, it's not him.

It is.

I'm convinced it's as agent.

And they know our Russian fans who

we, again, adore have said that, like

this isn't real, this is his agent.

This is his agent trying to position

themselves in a more favorable way.

Um, I've seen.

Step in it's like, what

is he going to really do?

Like wrestling bears and live here?

Like that was the only thing that

video was missing was a bear wrestling

at the end of it, of carrying tires.

The whole thing is just messed

up and it's not Kirill's fault.

It's it's his agent doing this

and that, that's just how it is.

And I keep seeing people

like they're acting like it's

Kirill, who's like demanding.


They're like, does he really want more of

a salary than Alex Ovechkin and Brayden

Point and all he's played 55 games.

It's like, yeah.

Kirill is not his agent.

That's what his agent is for,

is to negotiate these things.

And he's not doing a very good job of it

and he's making a lot of people angry.

So I've already seen some people

like tweeting, funny stuff.

Like how are you gonna apologize to

Kirill when he finally gets a big

deal and you're all happy and it's

like, yeah, you better apologize.

Cause y'all have been some,

so you better stop with that.

But doesn't the book stop at?


I mean, It's his reputation and you need to

stand on top of your reputation yeah.

Well, I mean, yeah, I do.

I think, I think he's

still kind of, he's young.

He's 24.

I think he doesn't

recognize maybe what is it?

And he tunes out a lot

of this shit, you know?

So I think he maybe doesn't

recognize situation cause it does,

he's letting his agent handle it.

I see more and more players that

have been taking that approach where

they really aren't as involved.

We're paying an agent to do it, let him

do it, let it he'll do what's best for me.

And, and yeah, I mean, I

don't, I've never gotten sale.

Kirill is money hungry by any means.

I've never gotten the sense that this is

really powered by him in the background.

Um, but you know, Fred has a point

he could probably step in and just

say, Hey, I just want to get a deal,

but I just want to play hockey right.

The day he wants to.

I, and again, the concern for him

going to the KHL, isn't there for me

because he wants to play in the NHL.

It's here.

It's like the cage has a finely, but

the NHL is a premier premier league.

I actually had this question on NPR (national public radio)

where it was like, do you see the KHL.

Putting themselves in a better position to

get more players and no, I don't think so.

I mean, I think players from

Russia want to go play at home.

That's that's fine.

It'll always be there.

And it's again, a great, a great league.

I'm not going to deny that,

but I think Kirill wants to play

in the NHL, wants to win cups.

I think he just is, you know, trying

to figure out the best way to do that.

And again, the.

Haven't necessarily positioned themselves

in a, in a place where it's very like,

yeah, we're going to win a cup next year.

You know, they're, they're in

kind of this intermediate area.

So Kaprizov, watch some

more watch it starts if it

continues, uh, we will have a.

Deciding factor on Kevin Fiala

arbitration on August 17th, I'm

here keeping you in the NHL.


Coming, coming into an end.

So that'll be really nice

to see what happens again.

That was determined by the Minnesota wild.

They were the ones that decided

to take him to arbitrary.

Please report to your card.

We're at a golf course, report to your carts, please.

They were about to get going on

at this Memorial golf tournament.

So that's the voice you heard.

They're not part of our podcast

enjoy now and joining us now.

Yeah, the only other real thing I

wanted to talk about this week was.

Zach Parise still without

a home officially.

I mean, again, we talked about

the connection with the Islanders.

It sounds like that's going

to be the landing place.

I actually caught up with Brock

Nelson, uh, Warroad native and

current Islander at Da beauty league.

Um, and he said, yeah, we

it'd be great to have Zach.

He hasn't really heard anything.

Alexis, is it concern?

I mean, do you think Zach's kind of

freaking out or do you think it's

just a matter of, I've heard, it's

just a matter of paperwork that needs

to get finished, but time has passed

since free agency had opened and

he's still not, I I'm sure he is.

I'm sure he is.

I mean, he obviously has a high

desire to still play in the NHL.

I, there was no indication.

In, in anything that he ever

said or really did that he

didn't want to play anymore.


And I think he still believes

he can play at a high level.

Now, whether that is true or not, it's to

be determined, we'll see where he ends up

and what he's able to do with that team.

Um, but I don't, I, I think the

fact that he's not signing or yet is

probably stressing about like most,

I mean, most players do get a little

nervous when time starts to take you.

You're like, oh boy, no

one's picked me up yet.

No one signed me yet.

Like, am I going to land anywhere?

Yeah, I'm sure he's concerned, but at

the same time, probably not worried

because I think he knows his worth

and that some team will take him.

Um, I mean, you never know with Lou

Lamoriello, that dude is a wild card.

I mean, he probably heard you say

that Zach Parise is going to go

there and it's already canteen.

Is that like a spidey sense about it?

He's like, Nope, sorry, Zach.

And do this to you.

Was he in Hastings on Friday morning and

said that Zach was coming to the island?

Not happening?

We'll see.

Uh, yeah, I'm curious to see

when that kind of gets resolved.

Best of luck to Zach.

I mean, I bet Zach for easy

land somewhere, you know

where this is heading


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Dot com and that pretty much does

it though for our new segment.

Again, we've got more hockey talk with

Alex Stalock over on our YouTube channel.

You'll hear a snippet of him in

here, but really it's catching up

with Tim Felton, honoring Craig's

memory at this Memorial tournament.

So stay tuned for that episode

or for that interview rather.

Um, we're going to take a quick break.

We'll be right back.

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that doesn't mean you can't still

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We've got it all at our Bardon

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Joining us now, one of our absolute

favorite human beings, Alex de LOC.

Yeah, I'm doing good.

Thanks for having me out here.

And obviously it's for a great cause.

So, uh, no better place to be.

Then on Friday afternoon,

you're a proud south St.

Paul, you know, you've got to love that.

Tell us a little bit about Mr.


You said he followed you.

All the way up you guys?

Oh, I don't think he

necessarily followed me.

We followed our class.

I wasn't, uh, the greatest student.

Um, but, uh, I love going to school

just being around our, you know, your

group of friends or whatever it was.

And, um, I think it

started in seventh grade.

We had a class with him.

It was like a general science class.

We spent a lot of time in detention.

I know he'd always, he always

put your name on the board and

then you just add 15 minutes and

add 15 minutes, add 15 minutes.

And I swear, like, there's like

four of us by the end of the year,

we had like four hours and 15

minutes of the detention built up.

But I think it was just his way of

wine to like, hang out with that

crew of people after class, you know?

And so then we go up and, you know,

ninth grade and we had them again and

sure enough, we'd build up the tension.

And I felt like all the way to

senior year, we always had him as

a, as a teacher and he spoke at our

commencement and, um, You know, he

was kind of always that teacher, that

whatever it may be and, um, you know,

it was, uh, it was always a fun class.

We had a music appreciation.

I don't know if you guys remember

that, but he got, he got a kick

out of that and he kept it fun.

And that was the biggest

thing that, that we enjoy.

I think our class, we enjoyed having fun.

So he was a perfect fit for us.

Joining us now is Tim Felton, brother

of Craig Felton, the person who we are

out here for, for this tournament today.

Um, Tim, you, uh, are Craig's brother.

You helped found that this tournament

and pull this together year after

year and another year, here we go.

Another tournament.

Uh, how much does this mean to you

to have come up with this idea to

do this and then see these people

come out year after year, south St.

Paul is a pretty tight knit community and

days like today, I'm always reminded of

that because we see all these people out

here that we grew up with, went to school

with coming out, uh, for a great day.

Well, first of all,

thanks for being out here.

All you guys, this is wonderful to do.

And, um, it obviously means a lot to us.

I was just telling somebody the

other day that this is kind of a, a

bittersweet success that we're doing here.

I'd much rather he be here right now.

And, and, and then just

write a check for it.



I'd much rather do that, but

this has been a tremendous

thing that the family has done.

And as you know, your dad was

a instrumental part as well.

Alexis, so, um, Craig

lifelong resident of south St.

Paul teacher at the high school voice

of the Packers golf coach soccer coach.

And, and it's just, uh, it's great

to see everybody come out here.

And so.

This caused this, this, and we

developed an endowed scholarship in

his name, and that's why we're here.

100% of our proceeds go to that.

And it's, it's a wonderful thing to do.

Well, then you got another

beautiful day for it.

So can't complain about a day like today.

And, uh, you know, we, we

talk about being a south St.

Paul packer and you know

what that means, and I think.

Even though south St.

Paul is such a small town and,

and all of that, whenever I think

about where I came from, I think

about the community of what it is.

And like I said, kind of how we

get to this point today to be

able to do something like this

and have all of these people show

up and want to be a part of this.

Uh, I'm sure you didn't have to pull many

legs to get people to come out and go.

No, no, we didn't.

We just kind of sent out the

email and all the invitations

and it filled up pretty quickly.

And again, and we see a lot

of the same faces and some new

faces, which is great to see.

And, and we hope to keep doing this.

I had a goal, people say, how

long are you going to do this?

My goal.

And it sounds a little loft is to get a

million dollars in that scholarship fund.

That would be wonderful.

So I'm going to keep doing

it until, um, we get that.

Tell us a little bit about what

kind of person your brother was,

you know, describe, describe

him if you can Alex say Alexa.

He was just the most fun, loved to

hang out with everybody, everybody.



He, he, he was a teacher in south St.

Paul, and he used that to, uh,

be friend the kids and just

became their teacher first.

Then he had to be in a disciplinarian,

but at the same time he was their friend.

They could talk to him and, and.

Touched the students on a personal

level, like Al is a classic example.

I think he developed a relationship

with Al then, uh, enough.

So where Al ended up sending him one

of the helmets that he broke in a game

somewhere, he sent it to Craig and, um,

but he was just really personable with

the kids and that's what he wanted to do.

And everybody knew him in south St.


And like I said, this is a,

this is a bittersweet thing to do.

Um, but I didn't.

It was just a wonderful

guy and we miss him a ton.


And, uh, why golf?

Because we host golf

tournaments for lots of stuff.


Um, but this one is extra special

because golf meant a lot to, to him

and to the entire Felton family.

Um, his love of golf was unparalleled.

Uh, so tell, tell people

a little bit about him.

I, I told Alex when we talked to him,

I said, you know, uh, the one thing

I remember not the one thing, but at

the top of the list is he was always

out in the hallway holding an iron.

Taking swings randomly in the hallway.

Um, golf was like his, his

favorite thing in the whole world.


He, he developed that as a passion and

I don't think he was the best golfer,

but he was a stickler for the rules.

That was, that was what he did.

And, and he would quiz all his players

on the rules and he didn't care how

you golfed as long as you did it by

the rules and you obeyed the rules.

What he was all about,

but no, he loved golf.

Um, like as he golfed with your

father Jim a lot, and he would

sleep in a lot of times in the

summer until noon or one o'clock.

But if he had a tee time,

always there, always there.


He just enjoyed it.


That's why we wanted to have

this, this golf tournament.

That it's a great way to yeah.

Money for a scholarship, but it

meant a lot to Craig and Sue.

We thought what better way to do it?



Cause my dad would always

say that about Craig.

Well, I called him coach because

Jessie and Fred don't know this, but he

coached me in soccer and his daughter,

Jenny, our entire lives growing up.

So I always called him coach, Mr.

Felton and Craig were not in

my vocabulary, but um, yeah, my

dad would always say he's like,

cause coach loved to sleep in.

He would sleep in until like noon, one

o'clock like, that was his Mo right.

And my dad always said he's

like, but if we had a TV.

He was always there because

that's how much he loved golf.

He would be there whatever

time it was ready to go.

Um, because it didn't matter.

That was, that was his favorite.

Well, your dad just

told me a little story.

That one, it was coming time to decide

where to maybe go to school or whatnot.

Um, I think he said that he

talked to you guys and said,

well, coach teaches at south St.


You can go to south St.



He made me take physics

because he taught it.

I didn't want to take physics.

I was like, I want no part of that.

I, it doesn't sound interesting.

He's like you're taking that

class because coach teaches

that class and I was like, fine.

So, sorry, coach.

I probably wasn't the most pleasant

student to have because I didn't

like it, but he made it fun.

I bet there were quite a few students

that took maybe the sign just to have it.

Maybe having a teacher and

it was well worth it too.

Well, thank you for chatting

with us about this tournament.

We are always honored and humbled to

be invited out to stuff like this.

And today this one means a little extra

special to me and my family, as you know.

So thank you for inviting us out and,

uh, good luck to everyone golfing today.

And may it all go well for

you guys for being here.


Hey guys, this is.

I just want to ask everyone to go out

there and spread the word about bar down.

Beauties, leave us alike, share thumbs up.

Review you name it.

We want to hear from you find us on

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,

and of course your favorite podcast app.

Thanks again to Mr.

and Tim Felton and to Alexis and her

family for having us out at the Greg

Felton Memorial scholarship golf

tournament today, we had a blast

again, another reminder go to our

YouTube channel to check out all of Mr.


Those darn gremlins got us in the

technology and Fred is fired as a result.

So that's one of us had to go

and it wasn't going to be me.


That's gonna do it for this week's

episode as always be sure to rate,

subscribe on audio and on, on

YouTube, shout out to talk north for

featuring us on their lovely network.

Cheers to Jim beam for having us or

having them as a sponsor as well as

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To, uh, check that out, give them a, a

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So to our presenting

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We'll get you 15% off all

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Again, that's going to do it.

Have a great week guys.

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