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#85. Marcus Foligno: the Moose is Loose (again)

Alexis, president of the Foligno Fan Club, moves mountains and waitressing schedules to not miss out on a second guest appearance from Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno as he chats summer lake life, offseason transactions and bugging big brother Nick to sign with the Wild.

Did you really think I would

choose a waitressing shift over

check-in with Marcus Foligno?

The Moose is loose as Jessi and

I talked summer leadership and the

Foligno fan club with number 17.

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hi everybody.

We're back episode 85.

I'm Jesse Pierce.

This is Alexis Pearson, and we've

also got Fred Veinfurt our producer,

Fred, as we like to call him.

He's not fired this week, guys,

this week emphasis on this week,

put the asterisks around it because

we do this on a week to week basis.

So welcome back, Fred.

We missed you, but don't, you know,

don't get too comfortable because

who knows what next week will hold.

I didn't miss you so well,

what would we expect?


Let's not lie to our, our audience now.


Let's, let's be honest.

Let's be truthful as always another

great episode, uh, queued up.

Almost fired, maybe fired

from her waitressing job.

We're not quite sure yet almost fired from

two things in one time that would have

been, that would have been a heck of a

day for me, that a lot of fun conversation

with Marcus Foligno, uh, coming up.

This is the second time around

for those of you that missed it.

Go back.

Listen to the first episode

with Marcus, it was a true gem.

Also a true gem.

Uh, but we've got wildness

to talk about too.

Should we dive into that?

Uh, Kevin Fiala, the Minnesota wild

has decided to take him to arbitration.

That date has been set for August 17th.

Um, the wild end Kevin Fiala camp can

still negotiate between now and then they

can still come to terms on a contract.

This just ultimately means

that the Minnesota wild want

to have a decisive decision and

that will be made on the 17th.

Two groups can not come together on an

agreement for contract terms, right?

And money.

Um, Alexis, do you see

this as like a problem?

Like, is it concerning or I know you and I

talked about arbitration a little bit and

it's kind of wonky the way it works out.

And right now it doesn't, you know, it's

not, Fiala taking the wild to arbitration,

which is a good sign because it's means

that there must not be too far off because

usually if a player takes a team that

way, no, you guys are screwing me over.

So it's a little bit better,

but what are your thoughts?


I mean, our arbitration always

sounds like a scary thing

when it, when it's brought up.

Um, but at the end of the day,

it can actually be pretty useful.

Um, like you said, Jessi,

it's not the end of the world.

That doesn't mean that there's

necessarily a rift going on, but just

a different way to come to a solution.

Um, and this is what they chose for.

Um, Kevin Fiala, I w I do want to

say though that the funniest thing

about this was the day that this

came out, we were so tweeted like

that they were going to arbitration

with Fiala and somebody commented.


They're like, what does that mean?

And a minute later, someone

responded to that tweet.

They're like, literally read the tweet

and I don't know why that would be the

funniest thing about all of this to me.

Um, but yeah, I it's nice because

it gives you an end, right?

Like this is like, okay, it's

going to be decided by that.

And so that's a relieving feeling to know

that it could happen sooner, but at the

very least it'll happen by this date.

Um, and I think it's a good date to set.

It gives the wild, you know, time

still before the season starts

to get more things organized.

So, um, I'm not worried about it.

I'm not stressed about it.

It almost is more relieving than anything.

Cause I'm like, okay, good.

We have a solution upcoming

here in the next few weeks.

That's that's a sigh of

relief in my opinion.

I mean, the other thing that

they have to deal with this off

season is hashtag Kaprizov.

Watch Fred, if you add like a cool

news, like Kaprizov watch, um, because

obviously once they can deal with once

Kevin Fiala is taken care of them, they

can turn their focus to Kirill Kaprizov.

And his camp still haven't

come to an agreement.


Nothing new to report.

We caught up with Dean Evason earlier last

week and, and he obviously didn't tip his

hand as, I don't know, it's negotiations.

They're ongoing.

Um, again, we, we talked a little bit

about Kirill Kaprizov will not go to

the KHL likely we were out with them.

Sponsor Tony Hoagland and some

of his friends earlier this week.

And we got asked that question a lot.

He will probably not go to the KHL.

He will be here.

It's just going to be a little

bit longer until he's here.

But, so that's the good thing

about the Kevin Fiala arbitration

date getting set right.


And also what's making me relieved

about the croaker precept situation

is, I don't know if you saw this

Jessi and Fred, but somebody commented

on, on one of our YouTube videos.

I was literally about to say

that I was going to read it.


Fred can read it, but basically a

Russian commented saying have no fear.

There's no talk of this

happening in Russia.

You guys are worried for no reason.

Fred read, the full cause

it literally made on us.



Garrick is what his YouTube handle is.

And by the way, his profile

picture is a cat wizard.

So I felt like that was to impress ladies.

I would address all questions who is

agent Kirill is a modest and honest guy.

He does not play a double game.

I think he trusts his agent.

There is no need to blame

curl for everything.

It's a kind honest.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

PS, no one in Russia believes that

he will return to the cage out.

The Russians have spoken.

Russia says I love it.

And I agree.

I mean, I think it's pretty easy

to see having seen how humble

Kirill is and how much he just

wants to play hockey at this point.

You know, I do see it.

It's the agent that's forcing this whole

kind of not turmoil, but making the

wild fans wait, which I do find funny.

Remember how long.

Minnesota waited for Kirill to come here.

And now it's another summer of

like, please, please come back.

Are we going to come back for it?

It's just finds it very,

we've been here before.

It's full circle.

It's full circle.


I mean, at this point it's

kind of become a bit, right.

I think we can admit that, but like us

being worried about it, it's like, are

we actually worried or are we not like a

little bit of us I think is, cause that's

just natural for Minnesota sports people.

Um, and like you said, Jesse, we

obviously already went through

something very similar with him.

To begin with.

Um, but yeah, for me, that

closed the door on it.

Um, Garrick on YouTube says to not

worry, so I'm not going to worry

because Russia has spoken so well.

Derek did say Alexis, I heard

that you hate the yellow

color that you were wearing.

So he said he, he wanted to make sure

you knew that you looked awesome.

Uh, I would agree.

I am not going to wear a

yellow a cat wearing a wizard hat.


What, what more do we need?

I mean, this is real reporting right here.

We need Russians in the YouTube

comments and we only report the facts.

So Alexis, you wear yellow.

I will always wear my Russian

looking shirt or wear no makeup.

I feel like those two are very polarized.

Somebody said that I sh

I should wear makeup.